Friday, July 31, 2009

giving you the tour!

Sitting down on the left is Sal, on the right is Jeremy. Jeremy shouts even when the presses aren't running.

This is where they develop the films which are then made into print plates.

Some films

The dictionary. When the publisher was here he kept waddling out of the editors office, slowly adjusting his trousers, checking a word and then slowly walking back in. I don't think he actually did anything at all apart from that while he was here.

ps - apparently he was once discovered no a saturday afternoon at his desk with a female intern under it!

The shelves have very old books

They keep an archive of the papers for a year

then clip out one of every article and put them in the office library

My desk - the pile of newspapers is because I just did my expenses. Someone used to use that typewriter right here..

Anyway, there's no-one here now and there's a few darker rooms - including the dark room - that I wish I could show you around.. X

Thursday, July 30, 2009

letting you know how much i don't wanna be right!

telling you about Chuck Feeny in person, the coolest philanthropist

he has given away over 5 billion!  came across as the sweetest guy in this interview. he is Australias biggest philanthropist and he is an irish american!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

seeing how much closer we could get to this bunny

It took about five minutes to get this close. We were locked in a battle of wills but he broke first soon after this, running into the road and nearly under a car! I would have felt awful.

As it is this is how I feel: 

Tired, waiting to hear from errant travel agent and wanting you.

ps - sign me up for a boat license, I wanna go for a whole night out on the water, do you think that's possible? 

By the way that photo further down, from yesterday is really rare because it's Obama's garden..

PS we have to get our boat licences so we can cause some trouble on the water! xx

chilling out on this rooftop bar with you

and making the most of the lovely astro turf!

checking out random street art in the laneways

and trying to figure out what it all means...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

snooping around this place with you...


back inside with you

after trying to row this boat...

ps - your panoramic is unbelievable!

Monday, July 27, 2009

the only other person on this beach with you

I didn't quite get the panorama thing down but you get the idea - no one there at all!

ps - i remember sitting in there with you... thinking the same thing I'm thinkinnow! xxx

exploring melbourne with you...

and walking across this bridge or sitting in one of the cool little cafes along the river bank..x

PS your panoramic is unbelievable! did you take it on your Iphone...?

PS your panoramic is unbelievable! did you take it on your Iphone...?

back in Dublin hanging out a Eddie Rocket's

after the Ray Le Montagne gig....x

Sunday, July 26, 2009

listening to these new CDs i got yesterday

or better yet going to the record store with you and hanging out there..

PS how on earth did you get my little card so quickly! i only sent that the other day! the Postie must of felt bad taking so long to deliver my other ones that he made this one a VIP!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

And introducing you to this guy...

This is ice cream money, fyi. His face is now covered in vanilla...

Also, how's this for the good with the bad?

Apparently I owe the doc over $300 even though she was the one who copped a feel!

Pushing you on this swing

Friday, July 24, 2009

sharing this

with you and reading the saturday papers and chewing the fat on everything thats going on


sharing a few bottles of wine and lots of food

here xx

sharing this tiny bed

with you xx

watching the sunset

with you